Individual Psychotherapy with adults, teenagers, and children

During individual psychotherapy with adults and teenagers, I work collaboratively with them to help them discover, build, and experience the kind of life they hope for. Focus is on understanding their situation, concerns and challenges, and exploring what they might want different. In the therapeutic space we work together to find alternatives to unwanted patterns of behaviour, thoughts, emotions, and interpersonal relationships. Psychotherapy brings into focus what is important to clients, who they value, their desired future, and their strengths and resources while exploring and enhancing them. We also focus on their level of motivation to finding solutions and working towards reaching their desired future and making that vision a reality. At the heart of psychotherapy with me is the presence of a positive and hopeful attitude with the assumption that individuals are resilient and have the strength, wisdom and experience to bring about change in their life.

When working with and understanding children, I focus on how their unique environments, development and family dynamics influence their behaviour, maturity and mental health. A safe space is created, giving children the opportunity to release pent-up emotions, express themselves verbally and non-verbally, and find solutions to their problems. Utilising play therapy techniques children’s strengths, resources and interests are identified and used to develop solutions in a creative and fun-loving manner. Psychotherapy centres on empowering children to think, feel and behave differently and overcome their challenges. Systemic in my thinking, therapy with children involve and include their parents throughout the process.  As such regular feedback sessions are conducted with parents.